LETTER: Resolve before issues get worse

The arguments about the proposed northern and southern routes of the future Chichester bypass have to be resolved somehow before the traffic problems get much worse.

The southern option would, I believe, cause utter chaos for about two years, through traffic would endeavour to find routes through or north of Chichester, there would be complicated junctions which would try to accommodate both east to west and north to south traffic, at great expense.

The northern route I firmly believe is by far the best option and K.W. Newby’s letter of January 16 is the route that seems to satisfy all objections, this route as follows:

Starting in the area around the B2146 and passing south east of the Oakwood Drive, north of the B2176/Hunters Race junction and across to take advantage of the quarry at the Lavant end of Hunters Race, across to the western end of Lavant Strait, along

the northern side of Lavant Strait and finally in a sweep to rejoin the A27 in the area suggested by Tex Crampin could meet all objections to the northern route while avoiding the utter chaos

in trying to upgrade the existing bypass.

If the above cutting was covered by a roofing structure and carried out in short sections there would be minimal disruption in any one place for the shortest possible time, thus eliminating any spoiling of the countryside.

K. Watts

Longmeadow Gardens