LETTER: Protect the green

TO Heather Caird, regarding the full council meeting on July 6, a public briefing to discuss planning application no. WH/14/01159/OUT for 350 houses on land between Stane Street and Madgwick Lane.

I will not register to speak at this meeting. The time for that will be at the planning committee meeting, not at a dress rehearsal for the benefit of the developers.

Prior to the meeting on July 6, would you please provide audited figures for the possible housing numbers on brownfield sites and the housing numbers with planning permission in the district not started.

As you may be aware, I have long campaigned to protect the fields around the north and east of the city either from gravel extraction or new development.

These fields play an important role protecting the landscape, heritage and setting of our cathedral city, especially when viewed from higher ground within the National Park.

A point which was made by Mr DR Cullingford, the planning inspector, when making his decision to dismiss the appeal to develop land north of Keepers Wood.

These fields also prevent the merger of our rural communities into a suburb of the city.

It has been made abundantly clear by Terence O’Rourke on behalf of the Goodwood Estate and Mr Torstem Muller-tvös, the chief executive of the Rolls Royce assembly plant, that this application will cause irredeemable damage to their respective businesses should planning permission be granted. Between them these companies provide hundreds of full and part-time jobs. Also the international events at Goodwood attract thousands of visitors to our area significantly boosting the local economy.

This is an opportunist developer-led application of irrevocable damaging proportions that must be contested vigorously by your officers at the forthcoming examination in public into the Local Plan.

Mike Hall

Past county member for the ward from 1997-2013

Conservative candidate for the Chichester District Elections, in May 2015