LETTER: Problems to come?

DRIVING from my home yesterday (September 12) I found my route blocked at the junction between the single track to St Cuthman’s school and the road down into the village of Stedham by a large logistics lorry, brought to this spot by sat nav.

The driver was clearly lost and flagged me down to ask directions to St Cuthman’s school as he had a delivery on behalf of the Durand Academy. As I was on my way to the A3 I suggested he follow me to the main entrance to St Cuthman’s school on the Woolbeding road.

He managed, with difficulty, to turn his very large vehicle near Crouch House Farm and slowly followed me along the narrow lane.

On that journey, at about 11am, we passed about eight other vehicles. Our progress was very slow as, even passing normal cars caused a great deal of reversing to find room enough to pass one another.

On the Woolbeding road, I used my headlights to warn the oncoming traffic to slow down in order to find a passing place as traffic is fast on this downhill stretch of road.

Trying to pass a van caused a particularly long delay as it was impossible for the two vehicles to fit into the narrow road.

Finally, we reached the gate to St Cuthman’s school where the lorry had to back into the main Woolbeding road in order to turn into the entrance.

Luckily, there was no passing traffic on this blind bend at the time.

Is this is a worrying sign of things to come?

Hilary Charlesworth