LETTER: Poor planning over school places

I HOPE Arun District Council and the inspector for the local plan have both taken note of your piece last week about two families denied places at our fantastic Aldingbourne Primary School because it is full, despite the fact that siblings go to the school.

How are these mums supposed to be in two places at once?

Readers will also have noticed that West Sussex County Council doesn’t have the money to build new schools.

Developers have just won outline planning consent on appeal for up to 347 houses in Aldingbourne.

Seventy-nine would, if this is confirmed, be on the field behind the school that is designated in the Aldingbourne Neighbourhood Plan as educational in case future expansion of the school is needed. This isn’t ‘planning’.

If the school were provided with the land they need to cope with the extra children from the houses being forced on the community, and a smaller number of houses were built on the site, and proper attention paid to the traffic issues they cause, now that might be called ‘planning’.

Louise Beaton.

Nyton Road,