LETTER: Parking zone may not solve perceived problem

I THINK the photograph of Victoria Drive was unrepresentative of the true scale of legal parking in this road.

I often drive down this road and rarely see it that full, I can only assume it was taken when the nursery parents were collecting their children.

At 7.30am on Wednesday, May 28, it was practically empty, I drove through on the way to the station car park.

I drove back at 5.30pm and it was equally empty.

I think the level of parking fluctuates greatly during the day.

It’s a very wide road and even with parking on both sides, two cars can usually pass. Most of the houses have large drives, the flats have car parks so residents should be able to park off-road.

If the street becomes resident-only parking it will only benefit the council with more money in the coffers, in which case it is very generous of these residents to offer.

But it will be a slippery slope as the permits will increase in cost every year and it may not solve the perceived problem.

Where will visitors to the houses park, tradesmen, nurses and so forth? Where will the church congregation park.

If the residents’ parking scheme comes in and there are practically no cars parked in the road, the new hazard for residents will be speeding cars!

J Kay

Pryors Lane

Bognor Regis