LETTER: Not my view

THE comment of November 12, ‘Key decision on St Wilfred’s’ referring to the Planning Committee’s decision to allow the plans for St Winfred’s Hospice to go ahead said: “Bosham residents will feel understandably hard done by.”

I don’t feel hard done by!

We do not know the consensus in Bosham with regard to the planning application. Bosham Parish Council has chosen to oppose the plans but many in the village do not agree and were pleased to hear of the Planning Committee’s approval.

Defending one’s territory is a natural instinct. We talk about protecting the countryside but often it comes down to protecting our own territory. We are told emotive arguments are being used to support the Hospice. However, compassion, caring for others, not always putting self-interest first are basic values that should not be excluded from the decision making process.

I value the work of the Bosham Planning Group in developing the Neighbourhood Plan. Planning regulations are important but I feel that we have to consider our social responsibility to the greater community.

For my part I hope that despite the new planning system those who make the final decision about this application are able to weigh social need against self-interest. I also hope that the residents of Bosham will continue to be generous in their support of the Hospice whatever the outcome.

Gill Smith