LETTER: Not in Felpham

I SIT on the Bognor Regis regeneration sub-committee which met on September 1 when it was agreed to proceed with the evaluation of the enhancement of the Bognor Regis seafront.

It was suggested that the relocation of the west Bognor skate park be looked at as it was a great location to provide a seafront restaurant.

The committee agreed that this would only be feasible should a suitable, alternative site be available as it provides an excellent, free facility for young people in and around the town centre.

At full council meeting on September 10, it was suggested by Cllr Francis Oppler that the skate park be relocated to Longbrook Park in Felpham.

The Felpham Parish Council has adopted a neighbourhood plan which has now been accepted by Arun District Council as an integral part of the Arun Local Plan.

Within this plan, Longbrook Park is a designated Local Green Space and should not be used for any development or facility and this would include a skate park.

The people in Felpham have worked hard together to formulate their plan to maintain the uniqueness of our village and Cllr Oppler should be aware that relocation of the skate park to Longbrook Park is definitely not an option.

Cllr Gill Madeley

Arun District Council

Felpham West