LETTER: Nice sound-bites

I AGREE with your correspondent Paul Wreyford and I would like to make a start on correcting some of the wild statements made for the case of dualling of the remainder of the A27 and other major works.

For instance comments such as ‘the scheme for the A27 will unleash the economical potential of the area’.

Nice sound-bite, but without facts and figures to back it up it’s toothless.

Economical potential is only unleashed when governments give firms the confidence of stability and demand to expand.

The uncomfortable fact for those seeking to turn the road into an A27M and the problems that would cause, is, despite governments pouring billions into massive road building throughout the north in past decades, they still refer to it as the desolate north, wasteland or other offensive names.

Yet what is not mentioned by those lobbying for this A27M, is the very skilled workforce that was needed to revitalise those depressed areas left, using those very same roads to take advantage of better wages in other areas.

Locally we must ensure the same doesn’t bite us along the South Coast.

John Hughes

Welland Road