LETTER: New venue needed

IT was a surprise to me to find out through the letter page that The Venue is closing down.

It was no surprise that the subject of the letter was ‘Where now’.

As one of the founders of the ROX Music and Arts Charity, along with my colleague Terry Slade, we began this 24-year-long dream to establish a large 21st-century venue somewhere in the area.

I’ve started projects and been part of many others over the years and have had all the local authorities and private business involved, trying to get support for a venue, but in every which way it would appear that the funding, the partnerships, the location were never right.

I wonder was or is it that the will of the authorities don’t feel it’s the right area for a venue?

This area is in need of a stadium venue, that is of a quality and size that people expect in the 21st century, that could hold a large number of people. Where other activities such as art and sport events could be held.

I hope that a project like a stadium would be part of the regeneration plan for the greater Bognor area.

Something that can benefit both Bognor Regis and Chichester for generations to come.

Until the time comes when we have a venue, ROX will still hold its free festival along the seafront in Bognor Regis. Please support it.

Steve Goodheart

Rox Music and Arts roxmusicandarts.org