LETTER: Museum irony

AS A supporter for many years of the Weald and Downland Museum it was with relief that I learned the ‘row’ about funding reported in the Observer has come to nothing.

Cllr Jones, who had objected to the grant, seems not to understand that the museum, being internationally recognised for its work, is both a valuable tourist attraction and an important educational asset for the whole county and beyond, not just the Chichester area, and is not a local business with profits but a charity providing benefits for local people, volunteers and visitors in many ways.

It is to enhance all this that the new ‘Gateway Project’ is being undertaken.

The Heritage Lottery Fund people certainly understand this and it would be strange if the County Council didn’t back them up.

It is ironic that Cllr Jones represents Crawley as it was the destruction of many buildings in Crawley in the 1960s which was the main reason for the museum being set up by its founders.

One of the key buildings in the middle of the site came from Crawley and is much used for educational purposes.

Carol Brinson,

Bepton Road,