LETTER: Listen to the residents

WE write in connection with the article in last week’s Observer entitled ‘Residents’ anger at lack of action at site after decision’.

We are confused by Cllr Ricky Bower’s comment that ‘the reason for refusal does not identify any harm to nearby residents...’, especially as on November 19 there was a majority vote to refuse both applications.

It seems obvious to us that some members have not visited the site or taken notice of local residents’ objections, as Motorhome and Caravan Services is operating just a few feet away from rear garden fences.

If they are successful in their appeal they will be conducting business seven days a week, including bank holidays, which will cause huge disturbance and is very un-neighbourly. This particular area is absolute mess.

The second company, Sussex Reclaim and Supplies, has large vehicles delivering to the site; these vehicles can be loaded with shingle, bricks and general building supplies.

Skip lorries and large vehicles with grab equipment are also regular, noisy, visitors to the site.

Metal gates are sometimes open at 7am which causes disturbance and noise to local neighbours.

Chalcroft Care Home is close to the boundary, where the residents require and deserve peace and quiet.

The elderly (including Alzheimers and dementia) clearly suffer from the noisy lorries on their boundary.

How can the above be considered as ‘no harm to nearby residents’?

Simon and Joan Harris

Chalcraft Lane

Bognor Regis