LETTER: Let dogs enter the gardens

CAROLINE Mitchell asks if others share her views on whether dogs should be admitted into West Dean gardens.

Well I certainly do not. We have taken our dogs into many gardens around the country and have met other people doing the same.

Never have we seen any dogs misbehaving or dog mess not picked up.

I think you will find everyone who enjoys visiting gardens are responsible people and would want to leave the place as they found it.

The provision of two or three dog waste bins in the gardens should be adequate.

I would agree dogs should not be allowed in the café.

Stansted Gardens have for many years provided tables outside where dogs are permitted.

Again, in my experience, with no problems.

Dog-owners often choose to take their holidays in the UK including visits to gardens.

Dogs cannot be left in cars or tied up outside due to the risks of over-heating and theft.

West Dean should see a considerable increase in numbers if dogs and their owners are able to visit.

One location told us that they would lose half their business if dogs were not allowed.

Elizabeth Mills