LETTER: Joint efforts will make St George’s Day a success again

ST GEORGE’S Day will be celebrated today (Thursday, April 23).

For the past six years and again this year I have the privilege and honour of organising and commanding the Veteran Contingent on the parade in Emsworth.

My wife Claire is my right hand in contacting individual Veteran Organisations by letter, email and ‘phone listing names and co-ordinating with the Council and the resident Army Units on Thorney Island.

This year is special in that it is the re-formation of 170(Imjin)Battery Royal Artillery based on Thorney Island and the inaugural birthday of the Battery.

The Battery won the American Presidential Citation for their action in the battle of the Imjin River during the war in Korean 1951

On behalf of all veterans of all past conflicts I would like to thank councillor Brendan Gibb-Gray, the Havant Borough Council and Emsworth Business Association for their unstinting efforts and enthusiasm in making St George’s Day the success it has always been.

In addition all the Veterans express their heartfelt thanks and appreciation to the most important element of the day – the residents of Emsworth and surrounding areas.

Norman Davies

Ex-Warrant Officer

Rosemary Way