LETTER: Fire service cuts

I AM sure that most regular readers will have seen your news items on the proposed cuts to the fire service in West Sussex together with letters from myself and others trying to stop these cuts.

The proposals were rubber-stamped before Christmas on a decision made by a small number of councillors. What many of you do not know is that this important change to your, yes, your fire service, is that there has been no full council debate on these cuts.

We need the reader’ help. There has now been an online epetition created for members of the public to place their vote to have this issue brought back to the table, the statistic reviewed as it seems there has been some manipulation of the facts, and for it to be debated by full council. To do this we need at least 3,000 votes. You can find this petition named – ‘Stop fire engine and firefighter cuts in West Sussex’ by searching ‘epetition West Sussex County Council’ and choose epetition.westsussex.public-i.tv/

We criticised the way that the proposal to change the fire service was handled, in that we feel it was not made public enough.

Councillor Lionel Barnard felt that the changes were justified based on the lack of objection from the public. Let’s show the voice of West Sussex and get voting for the review.

If you care about the level

of response that you receive when you dial 999, then please support our firefighters and sign this petition.

Please note that only West Sussex postcodes will be counted, and it is important that you acknowledge the email that the online petition will send you, it is only at this point will your vote be counted.

Thank you all in anticipation for your support.

Dave West

Pretoria Avenue