LETTER: Festival mutiny over impact on area

QUITE contrary to your over-enthusiastic report of the Mutiny Festigal, which was obviously highly successful for the organisers and media alike, it had a far from positive impact on the local area and, as a local resident I cannot agree with your paper’s appraisal of the festival.

Further, it is worrying to residents why the council in its infinite wisdom gave permission for such an event in the first place, obviously placing other issues above the wellbeing of local communities.

I draw your attention to the fact that there is, for instance, a nursing home directly opposite the Fontwell race track and several others in the near vicinity.

In addition to the noise factor, I have it on good authority that several staff on Southern Railways were assaulted and the mess left in the area of Barnham station which comprised of broken bottles, beer cans etc was dreadful.

I drove past the station about 1pm on Saturday and was presented with a great number of young people blocking the road so I slowed down to crawling speed. There were scuffles and two of them landed on the bonnet of my car while still drinking alcohol.

An added complication was that the constant stream of buses transporting the people blocked the already narrow road opposite the Co-op which caused major congestion.

I was also shocked to see that the fire brigade had to be called out because a number of people walking to the event had been throwing their lighted cigarettes into the verges and this had caused a blaze on Station Road near an industrial estate.

Firstly, given the events over the weekend, I wonder if your headline is a true reflection of the facts and secondly I would strongly suggest that there may well be a huge and ‘Bountiful Mutiny’ by residents if this event is repeated.

Jonathan Wright MBE