LETTER: Exasperated by delays removing nuisance A-boards

Judging from other correspondence to your letters pages, I am not alone in being exasperated at the delay in removing the nuisance A-boards, and at least making a start on sorting out the other haphazard street clutter.

Unfortunately it seems we will have to wait still longer for anything to happen

In response to my previous letter, an email from the CDC planning department arrived the day after its publication in the Observer. As I had requested, it contained the text of the letter that had been sent to the city shopkeepers. I found the contents astonishing.

The letter informed them that ‘We will be monitoring the situation over the next couple of months, with a full review taking place in February to decide if we need to take any formal action’. Yes, you read that correctly: After allowing the problem to fester for a full six months after the decision was taken to clear the A-blight from our streets, only then in February will there be a ‘review’ to even consider whether to take enforcement action. I also noted that the letter only referred to February, without specifying the February of which year.

Sometimes, to understand the real message being sent, you need to read between the lines. My reading of this situation is that the planning department are in effect telling the antisocial pavement clutterers ‘Don’t worry about enforcement, it’ll never happen while we’re in charge of the process. Carry on A-boarding!’

The only way this Carry On of a farce is going to be dealt with is with some resolute action. To paraphrase the introduction to the old TV series, ‘If you have a seemingly intractable problem, and no-one can do anything about it, maybe you can call in the A-team...’

No more delays! No more excuses! Sweep the damn boards off the streets now!

Paul Cresswell,

Merryweather Road,

Old Bosham