LETTER: East-end traffic

THERE has been a lot reported about the ‘north’ end of the city and its parking issues, very little has been reported about the ‘east’ end.

Now we can no longer drive down Spitalfied Lane – it can even be double-parked.

Worse still is trying to drive down St James’ Road which is now often double-parked.

Then the Highways Agency think it will be okay to close the ‘Oving’ lights. When that happens, how are we supposed to access or indeed leave our homes?

Trying to drive down the Westhampnett Road or cross the Bognor roundabout – gosh that could take up to 30 minutes and the congestion from the closure could add another delightful ten minutes. Can someone with a realistic expectation please take a look at what is actually happening here?

There has been a lot of development in this area and yet another lot of properties are being erected, our house was built 13 years ago – we had to have an ‘integral’ garage and two parking slots at the front – less than a year ago the planners allowed a ‘council employee’ to convert his garage into a ‘workshop’ – so no parking available for his three cars/van – we really need some clarity and realistic and consistent planning and highways control.

The fact that the ‘workshop’ hasn’t even complied with planning or that we have to put up with constant revs doesn’t seem to make any difference – it feels like one rule for one and quite another for another.

Carol Tippen

Leatherbottle Lane,