LETTER: Councillors need to think afresh

On January 8, Arun District Council will meet to vote on some of the issues in their local plan, like creating a sprawling new town in the six villages to house some of the 32,000 people who they are planning to bring into the area, threatening worsening floods in the coastal towns and parishes.

They placed 580 pages of agenda items on their website, for councillors and interested volunteers to 
read over the Christmas holiday.

For one meeting they have produced paperwork the size of the Scottish independence white paper.

Perhaps this is because they are fixated on the number 580, the number of houses per year they want to build, or maybe it’s just a sign of their inefficiency, lack of vision and over-bloated approach to their grandiose plans.

If only they’d try to engage with the residents of Bognor and the six villages and concentrate on the people who are already here.

All the while they don’t, we have no confidence in their capabilities and are appalled by their arrogance.

I hope that councillors consider their electors when they vote on January 8 and redirect Arun’s officers back to the drawing board to think afresh.

Ian Truin

Barnham Road