LETTER: Council moves are destroying city

WALKING down East Street today, I noticed that Whitby’s have finally been ousted.

First the CDC (if only this stood for Chichester’s Dedicated Custodians rather than Cheerfully Destroying Chichester) swept away the Butter Market – because it wasn’t ‘classy’ enough?

So what can we do there now? Eat or buy jewellery. Terrific.

How many people actually go there?

Now we have the insidious destruction of Little London, renamed Sadler’s Walk.

I am not ashamed to say I cried when I went round the back a few weeks ago and saw what they’d done. Whitby’s obviously had to go in the ‘South Kensingtonisation’ of this poor, mistreated, lovely old market town.

Farmland can be covered in houses. Who cares about the wishes of the Cisestrians, the lack of services available to cope with the influx of people?

Doesn’t matter as long as lots of council tax is paid.

Who cares if the Emperor Way around the Roman Palace has been left in a shocking mess after so-called ‘clearance in case of flooding’, except that Fishbourne doesn’t flood there.

Who cares if the market goes? It’s only hundreds of years of history after all, and the fact that people might want it to stay is immaterial.

After all this, forgive my wry smile when I see that a fuss is being made about putting an extra 24 seats under cover at the Priory Park Café.

This would be good for the business, so why not?

They’re not planning to put in a skyscraper!

Do the CDC really expect us to believe they care about the ‘detrimental effect this would have on the park’?

These people are elected to be in charge of what happens, but they don’t have free licence.

We should be able to trust them to do the best not for now, with the sound of tills ringing in their ears and dollar signs flashing in front of their eyes, but for the future, for the next generations.

To think only of now is to be short-sighted and utterly selfish.

They have not been given an inheritance with which they can do as they like, as no law says you must look after what you inherit, they have been ‘loaned’ the city to look after, and something borrowed must be given back or passed on in the same, or better, state as when first ‘lent out’.

Is there anyone out there who can stop the rot?

I hate to think what is going to replace Sadler’s Walk, but you can bet it’ll be a chain of some sort.

Only a few years ago Chichester was voted third best town in the UK in which to go Christmas shopping due to its variety of little shops and its olde-world, slighty quirky air. Well I can’t imagine that happening again.

I would be most interested to hear the opinions of others as I get the impression I’m not alone in my despair! Thank you.

Bridget Stap,

Godwin Way