LETTER: Council has no mandate from the people

I NOTE from the Observer that St Modwen has rightly and thankfully withdrawn from the Bognor Regis regeneration scheme.

We badly need regeneration of Bognor Regis, but not the stagnation and degeneration that ADC are still proposing. Look at the mess I think has been made of the London Road paving.

If they can’t do this right, what chance is there to regenerate our town successfully?

I tell you once again that Arun District Council has no mandate from the people to do so.

To embrace the government’s Localism Act, you are duty bound to ask the people what they want first.

As the regeneration of our town is of such importance, it is imperative that all residents of the Bognor Regis area are asked for their opinions as to how best regenerate our town.

From what I believe was the cherry-picking of statistics ADC used to suit themselves to substantiate the St Modwen scheme, it is to me obvious ADC cannot be trusted to do this polling themselves.

Your polls have shown in the past that Bognor residents do not want what you have tried to force upon us.

In addition, the complete and utter fiasco that I believe ADC has made over the eight or nine years of the St Modwen scheme and the colossal waste of public resources and money, without any bricks being laid!

I think ADC councillors cannot be entrusted with any new regeneration scheme and Gillian Brown should immediately call an election for us to choose new councillors.

This naturally means councillors that voted in favour of the St Modwen regeneration scheme resign immediately. I wonder if they will have the best interests of Bognor Regis and not their own positions in mind, and resign?

I was so right to ask the secretary of state Eric Pickles to conduct an investigation into ADC’s conduct over regeneration scheme that ADC and St Modwen wanted to enforce upon the town.

Roger Thomas

Andrew Avenue