LETTER: Clear signage needed

THE recent article about traffic on the A259 Hotham Way overlooks some key points that influence driver behaviour on this section of dual carriageway.

The road is subject to 30mph limit and from my experience most traffic travels at this speed – probably due to the road being a popular location for mobile speed cameras.

Therefore there is seldom need to overtake other vehicles.

The traffic frequently builds up, due to the Hotham Park roundabout and it does not take long for a queue of slow/stationary traffic to extend back along the dual carriageway section.

Therefore, it is reasonable for drivers to form an orderly queue.

There is no benefit in moving into the outer lane, knowing that one will need to return to the nearside lane again.

I think the problem arises when the slow/stationary traffic extends back towards the A29/A259 roundabout (and beyond) and drivers either wait on the roundabout (risky and obstructive) or decide to use the outer lane.

Moving to the outer lane is quite reasonable under such circumstances; but at this stage they are passing vehicles that are stationary.

This is when they are seen as queue-jumping dozens of other stationary vehicles. I fully understand that from their (stationary) viewpoint, these overtaking drivers are ‘pushing in’ and nearside lane drivers understandably defend their position. WSCC could do something.

Install temporary signs advising drivers to ‘Use both lanes’ at peak times and ‘Merge alternately’ ahead of the lane reduction.

These would encourage drivers to use both lanes and merge calmly.

I am sure this would re-educate drivers as to how this section of Hotham Way can be used efficiently during peak times.

This was introduced on the A3 south of Guildford several years ago during roadworks and drivers have adopted the process which still continues long after roadworks were completed. Roll on the A259 bypass!

J Holm

Third Avenue