LETTER: Café is the jewel of Chichester

Shocked to hear about the council’s attempt to destroy the jewel of Chichester and Priory Park.

Since the unique Fenwicks Café is there, the park and Chichester have become much more attractive.

There is a wonderful atmosphere, attracting young and old, families, children. Moreover, it is one of the too few areas free from dog fouling and dog trouble.

The council should support the owners because they have brought something very special to Chichester.

I cannot believe that the council is yet again wasting our tax money only to destroy what people have loved and embraced.

One shop after the other is closing in the high street because rents are too high and the council is too successful in making the city unattractive.

There is not enough flexibility, open mindedness in order to compete with the losses due to online shopping.

It is beyond any understanding that the council is unable to make use of the attractive inner city environment.

It would be for example ideal to have a permanent four week long Continental Christmas market in the high street and surrounding the cathedral.

Birmingham does it, Bath, Winchester... and they generate a lot of income for the cities.

However, the conditions for market stall owners from the continent are so bad that they do not come to Chichester. What we have every year in Chichester instead is really poor.

The council should be much more sensitive and a petition should be started to keep Fenwick’s Café as it is.

Finally, give them a proper licence, so that people can enjoy a glass of wine or beer without the ridiculous condition that this is only possible with a substantial meal.

Visitors of Fenwick and Priory Park are decent people and not senseless binge drinkers. They may have had a meal at home or at a nearby pub or restaurant and just want to enjoy a glass of wine in the sunshine.

We recently witnessed that even a law professional could not enjoy a glass of wine there due to questionable licensing decisions. This is ridiculous.

Keep Fenwick as it is and support the owners.

Barbara and Verena Kroll, Thompson Grove, Littlehampton