LETTER: Brilliant care

I WRITE in response to your request for comments regarding St Richard’s Hospital.

I had intended to write regarding my experiences at the hospital over the past few months before reading your article regarding the hospital’s high national ratings and I can only say that it confirms what I found on various visits to the hospital.

Over the past 12 months or so I have attended various facilities in the hospital which have included hearing and eye clinics and visits to accident and emergency.

My experiences at the clinics have been nothing other than great. In all cases I have been seen with minutes of the appointment time and the care and treatment has been first-class.

Clinic staff, both admin and medical, were very efficient and caring and it was particularly nice to see how the young staff interacted so well with us oldies. My experience in A&E and subsequently in the acute medical unit last week was in the circumstances, excellent.

I admitted myself and was seen immediately.

During the day in both units I was seen by three doctors and after many tests pronounced fit.

It was a rather worrying time for me but the presence of so many friendly faces who seemed always available for a chat helped to ease the worry.

During the day I had the opportunity to experience hospital food which I have not done for many years. With one exception it was good with plenty of choice, the exception being a portion of Irish stew which was salty but edible.

Sachets of salt and pepper were provided on the serving tray so perhaps flavouring could be left to the consumer.

In conclusion, I would say that it is all too easy for people to find fault with the NHS and their local hospital, but it is time we sang their praises and gave them the support they deserve. St Richard’s and its staff are a great asset to the area and the NHS is a national treasure in itself.

John Davidson

St Marys Close