LETTER: Birdman success

WELL, the 2015 Birdman has been held in its home town of Bognor Regis and was blessed with superb weather for the whole weekend.

The event was assisted by over 30 volunteers, some of whom were Bognor and West Sussex councillors.

West Sussex County Council were generous to grant £7,500 over the 2014-1015 years, which was the only reason that Birdman could be held.

We were also visited by our MP Nick Gibb on Saturday and we believe he was impressed by the success of the event.

By the lengths of queues outside ice cream shops, fish and chip shops and cafes we were delighted that our policy of not importing street sellers to supply these items was effective in supporting Bognor trade.

Several visitors stayed at the Royal Norfolk Hotel, Carlton and other hotels

and were very pleased with their accommodation and catering.

Having been deprived in 2015 of a grant from the local council and being let down by a hydraulic lift provider who suggested he would sponsor us with £3,000 but never honoured this promise, we are now scraping the barrel to pay the generous local firms who have supplied services very cheaply this year.

We had over 30 competitors including four Condor flyers, many of whom had novel costumes, including Laurel and Hardy, 1st Kingfisher class and a 70-year-old man, Mick Seward, who won the oldest competitor award, despite some difficulty raising the courage to fly off both days.

On behalf of our small and hard-working committee Iwould like to thank those who came to and supported the event and we also thank the intrepid flyers, including one Hungarian (international), certainly without whom the event could not be held.

Thank you Bognor residents and many others who come from throughout the country and Europe and who provided a good atmosphere and camaraderie, goodwill and happiness on the seafront and in beautiful Bognor weather.

Barry and Jenny Jones

Victoria Drive,