LETTER: Are more funds really needed?

Insensitive, cynical, highly impractical imposition of evening car parking at Northgate and New Park Road solely for additional revenue.

Building expensive and box-shaped museum (design reminiscent of Osama Bin Laden Islamabad lair) to replace Little London site. White elephant – low income. Cost justification?

Support for (or lack of objection to) Highways England deleting a northern route from A27 bypass consultation. Suddenly a change of mind when Louise Goldsmith, with vision and common sense, demands a rethink.

Rejects ‘localism’ – the new approach to ensure that local wishes are paramount.

Granted dearly loved St Wilfrid’s Hospice planning consent for a new hospice at Bosham, against the stated advise of planning officers, other consultees and local objectors. Ever tried to get to Bosham without a car to visit loved ones from outskirts of the CDC area?

Rejects ‘localism’ – The Bosham Neighbourhood Plan for house allocation was initially supported by CDC, but faced with opposition by the examiner, the CDC caved in. See the opposition to Highgrove Farm development at 16/03984/FUL.

Finally, in 2015 CDC bought 10 Crane Street shop freeholds for the sole purpose of getting a better income than leaving the money on deposit. Apparently so much spare rate-payers money that it can be used for property speculation.

Councillors, do you really need to increase the car parking hours to rake in yet more surplus funds?

I wish I could find something positive to say. Proud of your achievements?

Tony Chapman

Smugglers Lane