LETTER: Anti-social idea for roads

WITH regard to the debate about queuing traffic merging from two lanes to one, I would urge your correspondent Mr Strudwick to consider the design of the northbound carriageway of Avenue de Chartres from its junction with the Via Ravenna.

The northern stretch of the northbound carriageway is a single lane because the roundabout at its junction with West Street cannot accommodate two lanes of entering traffic and all its exits are single lane.

This might suggest that only a single lane is necessary along the whole length of the carriageway, so why are there two lanes on its southern stretch? It is simply to increase its capacity to accommodate queuing traffic.

Without this, a tailback would sooner than otherwise reach the roundabout at the Via Ravenna junction. A prolonged blockage at this southern junction would eventually cause traffic chaos throughout the city and even beyond, resulting in costly delay, undesirable driver irritability and possible (perhaps fatal) accident.

Mr Strudwick should consider the ultimate consequence of his behaviour whenever he deliberately blocks traffic in the outer lane of a queue on a multi-lane carriageway.

By so doing he is acting contrary to traffic management intention and indeed police advice.

Whether on Avenue de Chartres, Hotham Way, the M1, or in fact any road, such ‘courtesy’ is thoughtless, anti-social and potentially dangerous, however well-intentioned it might be.

According to police advice, proper behaviour is to queue in all lanes and courteously merge in turn at the point where the number of lanes reduces.

As your correspondent Mr Whitfield suggests, this behaviour should be encouraged by appropriate signage, not deterred by misguided vigilantes.

John Fielding

Maplehurst Road