LETTER: Another delay to A27 improvements

MANY will not be holding their breath about current proclamations about A27 road improvements. There’s an election coming and this news sounds like blatant electioneering.

Former Observer reporter Peter Homer was reporting on A27 improvements for at least 20 years before he retired – and they still haven’t happened.

A27 improvements at Chichester, Arundel etc have been mooted for so long and there’s been almost a sweet fat nothing built over that time.

Tinkering has been going on. For instance, I noticed some new lines painted on the roundabout at Fishbourne in the past month or so; they’ve made things worse not better for drivers.

Look out for accidents there, I reckon.

Many will only believe road conditions on the A27 will change for the better after the election lottery result is in and then another lottery would have to be held for selecting from the bumper pack of road improvements across the country (is that England, UK or Britain... not sure).

As and when that roads lottery is decided, hopefully the A27 will get the go-ahead... and then, with that green light, they do actually start. A long road ahead before anything changes – as usual.

Mark Chapman

Foxbridge Drive