LETTER: Aircraft flight path fears

DAVID Owgan’s letter published last week about the lack of concern being shown to their neighbours by the users of Goodwood Aerodrome is most timely.

This Saturday a continual stream of aircraft flew over houses in the north part of Lavant on their way to land at Goodwood.

I did not count them, but I would guess they numbered perhaps 40 to 50 during the day, all arriving from a north or north-westerly direction.

Lavant is within the Aerodrome Traffic Zone (ATZ) and a map showing the agreed arrival and departure routes which should be adhered to when in the ATZ can be seen on the aerodrome’s website.

The route taken by these aircraft on Saturday is not on the map and since aircraft based at Goodwood use this route, it is clearly sanctioned by those running the aerodrome.

But why is it necessary to fly over domestic properties in the north of Lavant? All they have to do is fly a little to the east and they are over open country.

There is an old saying that says you should judge people by their actions and not by their words and my personal view is that the people at Goodwood Aerodrome have no intention of taking any meaningful action in this matter of routing, regardless of any conciliatory noises they may make.

One is tempted to think they regard themselves as rather superior sorts of beings who should be allowed to get on with their fun without the peasants interfering.

The present situation is unacceptable, but in my opinion is just a softening-up process to see how much we are prepared to tolerate.

The aerodrome’s website prominently features a photograph of a four-engine passenger aircraft.

The implication of this is clear enough.

If sufficient pressure is not brought to bear on Goodwood Aerodrome to address the antisocial aspects of their activities, this is the sort of aircraft I expect to find over our rooftops sometime soon on perhaps on a daily basis.

Paul Myatt

Lavant Down Road