Letter ‘a disgrace’

WHAT a sad reflection on a cabinet member of Arun District Council.

I refer to Councillor Paul Dendle’s letter on November 17.

I would think this letter would be an embarrassment for the council, its chairman and leader, for he does himself and his colleagues at Arun a disservice by speaking of the president and chairman of the Bognor Regis District Chamber of Commerce in such a way.

Arrogant and bullying was the impression given.

Mr Stuart-Nicolson is much respected by his members and townspeople alike.

I hope the council’s chairman and leader will have a few words with him on the matter and Cllr Dendle has the good grace to make a public apology, for this is not the first time he has shown an aptitude for this type of behaviour.

Yes, there have, and will be, occasions of disagreement between the authority and outside organisations.

That is part of the democratic system, the experience and knowledge of all has its worth and if anything, should be encouraged and personal attacks should be discouraged in that aim for a better working relationship.

Ian Harding

London Road, Bognor Regis