LETTER: A disastrous lack of progress with regeneration plan

FOLLOWING publication of a letter by Tony Dixon, I would like to add my own thoughts on the disastrous lack of progress in the Bognor Regeneration plan and the hopelessly inadequate handling of the local plan.

A great deal of time and some £2.7m has been wasted and all that has actually been achieved so far is the re-paving of London Road – even that is not in accordance with the design or specifications that were supposed to have gained such widespread public approval.

The Regeneration Board has not convened at all this year, or if it has, I certainly haven’t been informed. When it did convene, it was merely a talking shop and very little of any substance emanated from it.

I heartily agree with Tony Dixon that a clear-out of the Augean stables is long overdue and that Cllrs Mrs Brown and Ricky Bower should resign forthwith, in favour of people with some vision and drive to move the town forward.

Tony Sutcliffe

Alleyne Way,

Elmer Sands