LETTER: A case of us versus them

IT is ironic in many cases how things work in this country of ours.

Take this atrocious winter weather. The plight of farmers and everyone living in the West Country is still very bad, approaching nearly three months now, despite being told by the media it is has only been in the last couple of weeks that help is arriving in numbers.

What they had for weeks was parliament pointing the finger at one another as to who is to blame and what and when things were promised 18 months ago which were never done.

Now we have a serious problem throughout the Thames Valley region and very bad around Datchet area and within three days, so we are told and saw on TV, help moved in.

Why? Because living in that area there are many, many MPs and notable properties, this really is still a nation of them and us.

PG McGovern

Church Lane

South Bersted