Let there be light

After all the press coverage over the last few weeks about Bognor out of Arun, I am now understanding what Bognor are shouting about, After reading the story about planning permission given for five LED lights to go above the town hall, enhancing this wonderful old building during the evening is a great idea but as always an Arun councillor has to take the shine off it.

Cllr Philippa Bower said the wrong message was going to be sent out because of the running cost – what a load of rubbish! LED lighting is the most inexpensive lighting around today, is she not keeping up with the 21st century? Then she went on to say the civic centre has had solar panels put on it, but these are costly to have put in and the payback is over a ten-year period. Talk about ‘we’re alright, Jack – Bognor can get on with it’.

Mervyn Woodruff

Avisford Park