Let’s work together

BEING on the informative emailing list of the Greener Bognor Network, I attended the public meeting on Monday to invite ideas and proposals for spending the Sainsbury’s section 106 funding, close to £900K.

There were a lot of good ideas expressed, particularly on the paper-boards, but as a passive attendee, I became aware there are in-town factions and interests that are at play, or at loggerheads over this useful money.

And astonishingly, the board (how 1984 a name) which will make the final decision on how the money is allocated is secretive, does not publish its minutes and would not allow the county councillor who represents Bognor Regis’ constituents to attend its meetings.

This is the kind of Byzantine behaviour which brought about the Arab Spring and similar uprisings in Nigeria etc.

If the foundations for transparency and dialogue are so them and us, how will there be any kind of solid progress?

Ady K Turner