Let badgers live

THE government’s decision to cull badgers is disgraceful.

Scientific studies over many years have concluded a cull will not be effective in stopping the spread of bovine TB and will result in the needless deaths of thousands of healthy animals.

It is proposed a trained marksman be used to effect the kill.

As badgers are nocturnal, this has to be done in the dark when the chances of accurately targeting one of the few spots on the animal which could result in a quick death are minimal.

The wounded animal would then be left to suffer a slow and agonising death.

There is no plan to check the targeted animals were even carrying the disease.

As badgers are highly territorial and do not move far from their setts, is it not more likely that bovine TB is actually spread across the country by the movement of cattle?

Either way, a proper solution to this problem has to be found and found quickly. Meanwhile, leave the badgers in peace.

Miss S Caunt

Limmer Lane, Bognor Regis