Keep the parish involved so local knowledge influences plans

Anybody who has seen the nearly-completed Longmeadow development in Main Road, Birdham, is likely to agree our present planning arrangements have let flawed decisions through the system and it is certainly not a good idea to weaken the system further.

On the contrary I propose any planning application for, say, more than two houses or equivalent development should require that members of the appropriate parish council be co-opted on to the planning committee or involved in a like way in the planning process and thus be better able to represent, and vote for, the views of their neighbours and, lest we forget, council taxpayers who pay the wages of the planning officials and whose votes the district councillors will seek at the next election.

Please let us not hear from the usual naysayers that such an idea is illegal or impossible or that the elected district councillors represent us adequately already.

If that last were so we would not have an estate in our country village which would represent overdevelopment in Balham High Street.

Jerrold Alexander

Oak Meadow