Keep our park clean

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WE LIVE opposite Hotham Park. You can imagine our surpise to find the tennis court has been turned into yet another play area for the children.

A few days ago we took a walk in the park to see ‘the other side of the playground’. We were shocked and saddened to see the terrible mess that is this area.

There were dogs running everywhere, no leads in sight, and there were several places where they had been allowed to foul and no-one had cleared it up, rubbish was all over the ground, and people were drinking (I thought Bognor Regis was a no-tolerance zone for drinking in public places).

Surely dogs should be on a lead, or better still not allowed in that area. Only last week we opened our curtains to see a tent pitched on this playground, and the occupants on waking had wandered off into the trees (I wonder why). When I approached Arun District Council about this, I was told the toilet block was shut at night. Need I say more.

During the evening this part of the play area is frequented by youths, who leave their cans and rubbish, sit on top of the climbing frame making a lot of noise. This goes on well into the late evening.

A neighbour noticed a sofa being taken into the area and placed on the roundabout. We do realise the children need somewhere to play, and this area in the day is full of families, which can only be a good thing, but why was it placed so near the main road, and the wall, which is frequently scaled in the evening by the youths.

Please manage this area better for everyone’s sake, and when Arun plant the trees along the wall as promised, please let them be reasonably mature trees.

K and S Webb,

Upper Bognor Road