Keep kitesurfers away from families

BEING a resident of Bracklesham Bay and having read your article, I am appalled at Chichester District Council.

Kitesurfing is a dangerous sport and should be allocated a quiet area of beach, not a popular family one. After all there is a vast area of quiet beach between Bracklesham Bay and Selsey... why can’t they use that?

A couple of years ago one of those kites came down on my head as I walked along the sand.

I was lucky; other than a sore head I had no injuries.

But it could have been far worse!

When I think about the very high council tax band we are put in just for the privilege of living here, I cannot help but ask just how much these kitesurfers pay for the privilege of surfing here.

When it comes to health and safety it proves to me beyond a shadow of doubt that Chichester District Council has lost its marbles!

A children’s raft has to go on a family seaside because it is dangerous to kitesurfers, but the general public remain at risk from kitesurfers if they as much as take a walk along the beach.

Where is Chichester District Council’s logic?

Talk about making a mockery of the health and safety laws.

Kaye Stubbington,

East Bracklesham Drive, Bracklesham Bay