It’s time to learn

WHY again do some of the defunct Ford Enterprise Hub try to convince us of the worth of building a housing development on farming land spanning from Yapton, Ford and Climping?

They had no concrete proposals to put forward as to how business and industry was to be encouraged to the area thus increasing employment.

It is commendable that areas should cooperate to meet the needs of housing, but to try to impose building by one council to another is unacceptable. There is mention of the re-use of the biggest brownfield site in the county – does this mean the concrete area where the boot sales and market is held? Not so, as at the time of the proposal of the so-called Eco Town, this area was to be kept for the continuation of these.

In fact what they consider as brownfield is farming land. It is interesting that we are considered bigots, nimbys, etc, but are we not entitled to our opinions of what we want for our area?

There are, I am sure, many developments that have been proposed between Littlehampton and Bognor and it is right that the community it affects have the right to object, as did the community in Aldingbourne when a housing development was proposed to be built around them.

Also the the people in Westergate who were worried about their area being considered for development and the effect of the improvement

of the A29. Could they be considered as setting communities against

each other as at the time the action group at Aldingbourne were suggesting Ford as an alternative

for development and not where

they live.

Richard Brennan,

Wooldridge Walk,