It’s plain nonsense

IN YOUR front page article (Observer, October 13), the under-secretary of state for transport Mike Penning blamed the Chichester bypass flooding on a combination of low-lying flood plain and a high water table.

This is absolute rubbish. Chichester does not have a particularly high water table and it is not a flood plain; the only flooding that has taken place was because of the Romans diverting the Lavant and this has now been corrected by the alleviation scheme.

You only have to look at the flooding between the Whyke and Bognor road roundabouts: six inches of water will be on the carriageway and yet 20 feet

away the level of water in the old gravel pit is ten feet below that of the flood water.

The reason for the flooding was the original poor engineering when the remodelling of the bypass took place during the 1990s. The drainage along the bypass has never operated properly from the day they finished the work. The original concrete road did not flood in that section... Let’s hope they get it right this time, and while they are about it they could stick in a couple of overpasses!

David Rusbridge,

Ex-Sussex Flood Defence Committee