It is not a myth

I read with great amusement the letter to your paper quoting that Eastern European criminality is purely a myth.

Maybe this person should carry out a little research and also check Sussex Police websites.

They are stating that since the increase in Eastern Europeans around the Pagham region where agricultural workers are based, there has been a notable increase in theft and also human trafficking.

So is all this a myth?

I do not think so and neither do the people living around here.

To say that stating these very important issues is cowardly racism I find offensive to all respectful, hard-working law-abiding people.

Another point, I have shopped in the Polish shops around Bognor Regis and I have found their products tasteful and I would go there again.

I, and many of us, have no issues with hard-working law-abiding residents but what gets our goat big time is that when persons are arriving to our town with a criminal record we must not dare take issue. That is outrageous!

I have also picked up on attitudes from some Polish people who are disgusted with some of their fellow men being allowed here, they feel they themselves are being let down and tainted with the same brush and that is a great shame.

But, please do not call me racist, call me worldly travelled; love foreigners and take a look at my name.

Lisbeth Gjetnes

Abbottsbury, Bognor Regis