Issues that matters

WHAT has happened to your letters page? The past few months it has gone from being a lovely local chatty news page to a posh broadsheet type letter page.

All those councillors slating each other week on week blaming each other for everything. Letters a mile long – and boring to boot. Same names cropping up time after time airing their boring views.

It used to be letters about the state of the town, the state of the pier, general traffic congestion during building works etc. These are probably boring to a lot of your readers, but they were about what was actually happening in Bognor.

I have a couple of items I would like comments about please:

1 When are the proprietors of the Open Reach building opposite Butlin’s going to be forced to paint it? It’s a real eyesore in a very prominent position.

2 The new free parking is great, thank you very much. However, if you have used the lifts in the Fitzleet car park you will know what I mean when I say how disgusting they are. The walls and floors don’t look like they have ever been cleaned at all. The stairwells are not much better either. Not sure whose responsibility it is but whoever it is they will no doubt deny it or say these lifts are cleaned regularly!!

3 Anyone else agree that Tesco

has ‘gone to pot’ and need to pull their socks up before Sainsbury’s appear.

Finally, if the gossip is true, it’s great to hear that the old Country Fayre building on the Worthing Road is going to be an Asda – great, can’t wait.

Sheila Rolfe