Inaccuracy of his claim

UK ‘soft touch’? is apparently what Dr Emerson of Patria posits.

We have to remember that he is a member (now) of a party which split from the BNP, and was he in any other far-right set-up before?

On the UN Convention on Refugees, the inaccuracy of his claim that all those who seek asylum here and not in other European countries must be economic migrants in disguise has been shot away, in the same week you published his letter, by our courts ruling that 60+ Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are not to be deported because the court would not accept they would not be tortured on forced return to that island regime.

Other countries may default/fudge/ignore their obligations under a convention they, like Britain, freely signed.

So I am proud my country obeys the rule of law.

On the Human Rights Act 1998, again this is the UK simply putting into our domestic law parts of the European Convention of Human Rights to which we signed in 1950.

Human rights are not just for foreigners, they apply to all living in this country.

Again the rule of law, something far-right parties ‘then’ and now hardly have been noted for...

As for repealing the 1998 Act, the convention would still apply – unless the UK denounced that.

Even then, some of those frothing at the mouth that ‘they will do this and that about it’ need to read the small print, which says that even after ‘denunciation’ by a signatory, the European Court of Human Rights has jurisdiction over cases up to the end of the period of membership.

On that the UK gave its word in international law.

Patria is another ‘splitter’ in the long line of Monty-Pythonesque far-right parties.

To slightly amend Dr Johnson’s famous quote: ‘Patria, the latest refuge of the scoundrel’.

Jan Cosgrove

Longford Road