Ignore Civic meetings

I LITTLE thought that I would ever share a point of view with Jan Cosgrove, but I must admit to sharing his antipathy towards the Civic Society which seems to be masterminded by its deputy chairman as we never hear from the chairman himself.

The deputy chairman is constantly plugging meetings held to ostensibly ‘democratically’ discuss matters of public interest.

Back in 2007, there was considerable concern over intended introduction of Tetra transmitters which, according to some, were to fry all our brains.

Civic called a public meeting on the subject, to be held in the Regis Centre.

Being one who, in company with thousands of other gentlemen similarly employed, had experience of being radiated by all imaginable frequencies in what is the most intensely-radiated environment in the world, for hundreds of hours, to wit, the flight decks of HM aircraft carriers, I had an interest.

Some of that radiation was able to inadvertently trigger explosive devices in aeroplanes, which were my responsibility.

I therefore thought I had something useful to contribute to the debate which might assure doubters of their safety, and went along to this jamboree.

There was an impressive array of pros and cons on the stage, and a considerable attendance in the auditorium.

It soon became apparent that Civic intended the meeting to be an attack on the supporters of Tetra.

The deputy chairman of Civic, having invited attendees to air their views, I rose and started to give my reasons for having been radiated probably more than anyone present, and still being alive to tell the tale.

As soon as the deputy chairman caught my drift, he used his microphone to shout me down. I was so disgusted I left the meeting, vowing never again to subject myself to such a democratic experience which was, to say the least, extremely rude.

I therefore agree with Jan Cosgrove that the Civic Society appears to be an unelected bunch of busybodies which assumes too much significance for itself.

If its members do not like the policies of the democratically-elected local government, they should stand for election and do something about it as Jan Cosgrove is attempting to do.

The reported attempted arm-twisting of electoral candidates is nothing short of arrogance as was my treatment at the Tetra meeting and is a good reason for ignoring Civic-initiated meetings.

M Ayling

Elizabeth Avenue

Rose Green