Ice rink is nice idea

I WOULD like to say how much I agree with the reader who advocated an ice rink.

It would bring in so many people from the surrounding area and make Bognor Regis a focal point once again.

There is not another rink on the south coast.

I travel to Guildford as often as I can to use the rink there and at the weekend you have to queue outside as there is so many people wanting to skate.

It is a social occasion and a chance to meet up with friends and family while skating.

You can stop for a drink at the bar, or a coffee, or maybe something to eat.

They open from 6am for people training and go on until 11pm. With these sort of hours and the number of people passing through, I find it hard to believe that it would not pay for itself.

It is a great way to exercise and somewhere for the young and old to go.

When will our council stop stagnating and get on and do something?

It’s about time we got something useful to make Bognor a South Coast attraction again.

Ray Headland

Westmeads, Bognor Regis