I would like to see..

I WROTE to Readers’ Letters in June regarding the culture and leisure strategy and would like to reiterate my comments regarding Swansea Gardens (behind the Royal Norfolk Hotel) following the Bognor Regis Observer vote, ‘Will you be letting Arun Council know your views on leisure services?’

I would like to see sunny Bognor by the sea build upon the charm and heritage left. I would like to see what is already good in Bognor improved. For all ages in the community and tourists alike. What is good for the community’s well-being is also good for tourism.

Arun District Council talk of regeneration, but surely we are not capitalising on all the town already has to offer.

Swansea Gardens at the back of the Royal Norfolk Hotel is a secret oasis of charm, a lovely green space to unwind in and a place that should be advertised to all ages. Swansea Gardens must be protected from developers. Do Arun District Council really understand tourism?

Where is the signage to the tennis courts? How about a designated walk from the museum in West Street to the tennis courts, bowling green and vital green space? How about some quality seating and a picnic table near the tennis courts (no great expense here).

The courts and green space are so near to the Bognor Regis Museum, town centre and Bognor Yacht Club. There are three all weather courts, six rink bowling green, tennis and bowls coaching, equipment for hire, car park nearby and drinks available.

How about free tennis? Tennis for Free is a charity. Its objectives are: Reverse the decline of tennis played in public parks, to make tennis in public parks accessible to people in deprived areas, particularly children.

A seaside town should protect and promote its heritage and leisure facilities. Bognor Regis needs to promote its green spaces and needs to support the well-being of the community.

I would urge residents to speak up about what is important to them and respond to the Draft Leisure Strategy Public Consultation. Details of the information sessions are on Arun District Council’s ‘s website. I would also urge Arun residents to network, find out about the Localism Act, Neighbourhood Plans (Campaign for Rural England, Arun, town and parish council websites) and the Local Plan (Arun District Council website). Write to Inspire Leisure and write to Arun District Council with your views and ideas. Write to your MP and MEP if you feel strongly.

T Burrington

Bognor Regis