I’ll do it for half

I see in the Observer (September 20) Arun District and West Sussex County Councils are paying a firm called Parsons Brinckerhoff to come up with a plan for how to relieve congestion on the A27 at Arundel.

I don’t know how much they’re paying them, but whatever it is, I’ll do it for half.

A modern, dual carriageway trunk road was built from Fontwell to just west of Arundel in the 1970s. Another one was built from Worthing to just east of Arundel in the 80s. What it needs is finishing.

Of course, I’ll do more than just repeat that last paragraph for my money. I’ll produce some maps with a line drawn on them, joining the two ends together.

Maybe I’ll get busy in Photoshop and produce a few pictures of different bridges shown crossing the River Arun.

And of course I’ll go out and count the number of cars backing up either side of the town in order to come to the startling revelation that there’s quite a lot of them and it gets worse on busy days in the summer. Above all, I’ll package the whole thing in a ring binder with a nice stiff cover and lots of logos on it.

Twelve years ago, consultants Mott Macdonald were paid over a million pounds to look at the congestion around Chichester and they came up with the wonderfully innovative suggestion (that no-one had thought of before) of putting flyovers over the necklace of roundabouts that ring the city, to separate the east–west traffic from the north–south.

Since then not a single girder has been raised, nor a square metre of concrete poured, but I have to say the ring binders were lovely.

Neither Chichester nor Arundel need any more ‘consultations’.

The A27 is full of gaps. Fill them.

Tim Weeks

East Dean