Housing shortfall

I have had a reply from Arun re the number of affordable homes completed in the district in the period 2003-2011.

Readers may recall Arun’s own survey showed more than 5,900 such homes needed to have been built in the district in that period to meet need.

The completion figure is 602 completed in that time, barely one-tenth of what was needed.

The consultants retained by Arun have suggested a further 4,876 affordable homes will be needed by 2028.

So the projection councillors now have for 1,000 affordable homes appears woefully inadequate.

In opting for lower figures, councillors ignored the strong advice of their senior officers: ‘The assistant director of planning and housing strategy pointed out that, in his professional judgement and based on the council’s current evidence base, any reduction of over ten per cent in housing numbers would create a significant risk that the Plan developed in the future would be found unsound.’

The LDF minutes of June 2 make clear their attitudes: ‘A response was given at the meeting that if members genuinely believed the Localism Bill would allow people to have more say in their communities, then it was right for the council to take that risk.’

That risk being, in part, that there will be inadequate provision for those in need.

Well done Nimbies who ensure they get the lion’s say.

Well done councillors, what a squalid ‘victory’.

Those let down by this so-called housing authority (Arun) have endured and will endure poor housing, lost opportunities, poorer health and more.

It also has meant people have indeed had to go out of their own area to find jobs and homes, further imbalancing this area towards incomer retirement.

This will continue.

Arun sent out their consultation to 1,188 who are on the waiting list.

One is inclined to ask what proportion that was of the total on the list, and how many replied?

And we ask, was that response highlighted in the final reports etc, as it ought to have been.... More FoI needed?

The doors slammed in the faces of those in need – only there weren’t houses to put the doors in.

Jan Cosgrove

Longford Road, Bognor Regis