Homes ‘by the book’

I WRITE with reference to several letters about the new buildings at Bersted: I thought it might be helpful to provide readers with some comments.

While many people enjoy views from their properties, councils are not allowed to protect private views when making planning decisions. 

When buying a property we will often be drawn by the view; however very rarely does anyone actually ‘buy’ the view and consequently change is always possible.

The building is being built in accordance with the approved plans, and the windows at first-floor level are to be fitted with obscure glass and fixed shut.

The windows serve hallways and bathrooms; they are not main windows.

The distance between these buildings and those in North Bersted Street exceed the normal standards which have been in use since the early 1920s.

All plans that come before Arun District Council are available for public inspection.

Karl Roberts,

Asst Director Planning & Housing Strategy