Highway robbery?

IN THESE days of austerity, I thought readers might like to know of one of

the latest forms of stealth tax to affect our area.

Contractors like myself are already obliged to carry £10,000,000 of insurance to indemnify the county council if they wish to erect an access scaffolding on the highway.

This is expensive but understandable and, of course, the public have that cost added to their bill.

Added to this, the county have

licensed such activity on a monthly basis, no doubt a useful source of revenue and one which the public would seldom be aware of.

However, that licence fee, which had steadily climbed to £55 per month, has now in one fell swoop been increased to £150 per month without any prior notice, and seemingly without any regard for the public or the small businesses that are affected.

In such times as these, this is grossly irresponsible and totally unjustified

and it is high time such ‘highway robbery’ is curbed.

AJ Smith,

Langdale Avenue,