Gulls are a menace

I LIVE in North Bersted, and for the past three years I have reported attacks on people and dogs by seagulls who are nesting around the shops in North Bersted. I have spoken to the council, police, environment, and nobody wants to know or do anything.

These birds are very aggressive and dangerous, and when they attack you they mean to do you harm. Believe me – I am on the receiving end of their beaks every day! I walk my dog around the streets and I used to enjoy it but now I am afraid and stressed all the time, worrying about our safety.

From June to September this is not the place to live. I am lucky I am fit and mobile and can defend myself, but what if I was disabled? I could not possibly fight them off. How many people injured does it take before something is done about these wretched birds?

If anything happens to me or anybody I know, what will the council do if they sue them for negligence? This situation is now getting out of hand, and not just in this area. Attacks on small animals, children and parents are happening all over the country. They are a protected bird, they tell me, but people will start to take the law in their own hands if this goes on!

How different it would be if a dog was attacking people in the street!

Why should I not be able to walk down Central Avenue, a public street without risk to my health? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help our community.

Dusty Benson

Newbarn Lane,

North Bersted